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The leader in motorsport statistics.

Racing Insights is the main provider of statistical analysis for national broadcasts of major American Motorsports. We also provide support to several premiere race teams.
"Just like when I was on top of a pit box, having a great team around you makes all the difference. Racing Insights provides that support and information I need to do my job on TV."
Steve Letarte
NBC Sports/Cup Winning Crew Chief with Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr.


Racing Insights is devoted to the preservation, documentation and presentation of motorsport statistics. We are dedicated to enhancing the broadcast medium through detailed analysis of historical documentation and in-depth statistical research.

We create extensive statistical models to accurately relay information to the end user. We also utilize predication models to aid in fantasy gaming. 

“Whether I’m calling a race or prepping for an upcoming show, I couldn’t do it without RI. From storylines in race to adding a historical perspective or just delivering a bio for a future superstar, their info is always on point. A huge asset to our broadcast team, both on air talent and those behind the scenes.”
Adam Alexander
Fox Sports


Historical Database Administration

We handle all aspects of maintenance and manipulation in an advanced historical databases. Our data is utilized in all live broadcast for all NASCAR National Touring Series as well as IndyCar.

Predictive Statistical Models

We create in-depth statistical models, utilized by television, to accurately relay information to viewers. We also utilize predication models to aid fantasy gaming.

Live Broadcast Support

While working directly with all aspects of live broadcasts, we ensure accurate historical accounting, rules analysis, and assist on-air talent in every aspect of a broadcast.

“Racing Insights’ technology and insight was an integral part of my success as an engineer and a crew chief.”
Cole Pearn
Championship-winning Crew Chief

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